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    Show ride
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    3D Film, Interactive Theatre, Simulator

Turn any location into a thrilling attraction with Triotech's XD Theater. An immersive ride that transcends time, space, and imagination!

The XD Theater features the best seat simulator in the industry and offers an unparalleled, multi-sensory, immersive experience by combining 3D stereoscopic graphics with visual effects. Triotech’s XD Theater is scalable from 4 to over 100 seats depending on operator needs, anticipated customer traffic, and space allocation. The XD Theater comes with a self-sustaining structure or can be fitted inside an existing installation. Our systems afford optimized efficiency thanks to high throughput. This 4D motion simulator theater is a great revenue generator.

Additional info

XD theater 4 seats

Seats 4 seats
Width 3.7m (12')
Width including server rack 5.06m (16'7")
Lenght 4.8m (15'9")
Min ceiling height 3.25m (10'8")
Screen 3.2m x 2m (10'6" x 6'7")

XD theater 8 seats

Seats 8 seats
Width 6.1m (20')
Width including server rack 7.2m (23'7")
Lenght 6.7m (22')
Min ceiling height 4.25m (13'11")
Screen 4.3m x 2.6m (14' x 8'6")

More than 40 films

Each year, we make new immersive ride films available for Triotech’s XD Theater. Whether it’s set in the wild American West, the merciless frozen tundra, or a prehistoric world, there is sure to be an adventure that will thrill your audience and ensure strong recurring revenue!