General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride, Semi-dark ride

In contrast to interactive dark rides, in classic dark rides visitors are taken on a passive journey through a variety of scenes. Each scene tells part of the story. The story is brought to life by the scenery, show lighting, audio, video, special effects (SFX) and animatronics.


For the best possible audio experience, we ensure an excellent combination and synchronization of the various audio systems. For example, background music, on-board music in the vehicles, sound effects and broadcasting systems (paging).


Through the use of lighting, we create a perfect atmosphere for visitors to enjoy whilst queuing, in the station and the different scenes. To this end, we use show lighting, various types of scenery lighting and light effects. When designing the lighting we take our lead from the dark ride’s storyline and align the light show with this.

Video content

It is increasingly common for media content to be integrated into dark rides. LED screens and various types of video projections help to immerse visitors in the story. The media, scenery and special effects interact smoothly with each other both during the pre-shows and the dark ride.

Special Effects & Animatronics

If required we can also deliver astonishing special effects, such as smoke, scent, wind, mist and water, and even moving scenery or complete animatronics. To create a total show experience, all individual systems have to communicate and be synchronized with one another. To achieve this, we offer customized show control systems and we program the entire dark ride show.