General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride, Semi-dark ride
  • Ride subtype
    Car Ride

Trackless dark ride

Sansei’s Trackless Dark Ride consists of multiple number of individual, non-connected vehicles. The vehicles are able to move freely based on preset ride program and layout, which can be changed upon customers’ request. Theming of the vehicle and layout can be customized in many different ways. Onboard audio, lighting and interactive systems can be incorporated in the vehicles.

The Trackless Dark Ride is a ride system that individual vehicle can be driven independently using a pre-set performance program and course layout/run route. The performance program and course layout are customizable according to requests from the customer. It can also be equipped with other onboard devices including audio, lighting, and interactive system such as shooting game. The vehicle features high mobility of 1m rotation radius, allowing the ride to run any course that fits into the given footprint, regardless of whether the building is existing or new.

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