Enjoy the great feeling of freedom

The ETF Suspended Flight gives passengers a great feeling of freedom and offers an excellent view of the scenery they pass through. Not only horizontal but dow wards as well, because the track is situated above the vehicles. 

The ETF Suspended Flight is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the technical design of theSuspended Flight enables broad possibilities for this ride. Adding inclining and turning will enhance the enjoyment for the entire family even more!

The vehicles are equipped with variable speed regulation by means of AC motors with frequency regulators driving booster wheels. They can be regulated either by passengers themselves (e.g. by pedalling) or by switches on the track.

The vehicles are equipped with one or two seating rows accommodating between 2 and 4 passengers in total. Passengers are protected by a seat restrain system that operates automatically. An optional sound system for sound effects in the vehicle or for informing passengers about the different scenes, can be added to create an experience. To increase passenger interactivity even more, the addition of a laser target shooting system or a similar interactive system is possible.