General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride
  • Ride subtype
    Car Ride

The Mystic Mover is the smart smaller member of the ETF trackless family. This trackless wire guided system can be utilized for permanent or temporary indoor and outdoor family fun rides.

The Mystic Mover is available as a single or double bench vehicle with a capacity of 2 up to 5 passengers. Seat restraint systems in the form of a belt or lap bar are optional. The Mystic Mover is supplied with standard decoration but can be customized to your requirements.

The vehicle speed and rotation of the body can be set in the design phase and can be altered any time. Fancy movements such as 90° to 360° on-the-spot rotation, or left or right movement at a fork still can be made by moving the entire vehicle. The Mystic Mover runs forward only. For reverse movements the entire vehicle will make a turn. The ride control system of the Mystic Mover has been simplified to plug and play level.

The Mystic Mover in its simplest form can be considered purely as a trackless passenger transport system. By adding a set of simple bar code instructions the Mystic Mover can be transformed into a family fun ride.

An on-board multiple channel sound system can be integrated. This allows multi language operation of the ride. The Mystic Mover system can also be fitted with an optional two-way communication system allowing visitors to interact with animated exhibits or 2D/3D media screens. There is a number of possibilities in this area such as integration of a target shooting system and similar competitive features.

Additional info

Mystic Mover Technical Data

Typ. vehicle guidance distance 50 - 350 m
Track type No track, wire guided
Application Indoor / outdoor
Typical no. of vehicles 2 - 40 vehicles
Vehicle capacity 2 - 5 persons
Ride capacity per hour 480 - 960 people
Maximum speed 0.8 m/s
Minimum horizontal curve 1.3 m
Power system On board battery system
Operation time max. 14 hours/day