General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride
  • Ride subtype
    Car Ride

Triotech is the leader in customizable, interactive dark rides with more than 415 attractions worldwide. We focus on innovation and guest experience in order to drive revenue up and ensure a solid return on investment.

Media-based interactive gameplay and competition amongst players are key ingredients to a fun guest experience. It’s what boosts guest attendance and encourages repeat visits. Media-based dark rides provide a fully immersive experience that are family oriented, weatherproof and safe. Furthermore, it’s faster and cheaper to replace media-based content than traditional animatronics. The same attraction can even feature more than one film. The content can be changed instantly, thus ensuring an excellent ROI.

Additional info

Basic 5-scene lay-out

From amusement park to FEC: an experience for all!

  • 100% customizable, to create the perfect experience for guests;
  • Can be as small as 3,800 sq. ft. (350m2) and up;
  • Basic 5-scene layout shown above requires 7,000 sq. ft. (650m2);
  • Adaptable to all ride sytems;
  • Standard lay-out: 4 or 6 riders per cart;
  • 2014 IAAPA impact award
  • 2014 IAAPA brass ring award: best new product