The GameChanger is a new, surprising and patented dark ride concept with a unique customized ride system. Visitors are seated on a rotating platform, which transports them along different interactive media scenes. In the media scenes, visitors play an interactive and challenging video game.

Ultimate rotating gaming platform

The rotating platform of the GameChanger is divided into different sections and each section tells part of the storyline through an interactive game scene. During the ride, different special effects and interactive elements both in the game and the scenery surprise visitors. The scoring system keeps track of the personal scores of individual players. At the exit, all scores and high scores can be viewed on a score monitor.

Customize your GameChanger

The GameChanger is a turnkey ride concept that can be fully customized and tailored to the available footprint. The GameChanger can be supplied in a range of configurations, with a varying number of media scenes and seats in each section. We can also develop customized interactive devices and the GameChanger can be designed in line with a customer’s own IP, or a game with corresponding theming.

Additional info

Game Portfolio

The GameChanger can be supplied with an existing IP and game. We have our own game portfolio and various IPs, such as Farm Fair, the Smurfs and various other themes. But we can also develop customized games and media content.

Entire ride package

We deliver the entire ride package, including ride system, interactive system, media development, audio, video, lighting, special effects and, if required, we can also take care of the design and theming. We also manage the whole process from design to engineering, production, installation and programming. Finally, our show control experts and programmers ensure that the entire show is perfectly coordinated and that operators can easily operate the ride.


European Star Award 2018

Asia Attractions Golden Crown award 2020