General information
  • Ride category
    Show ride
  • Ride subtype
    3D Film, Simulator

Dynamic immersive cinema. With best in the industry motion seats. Different types of seats and motion platforms available based on the client’s requirements and budget. A wide range of special effects are included for an added immersion.

An attraction that entertains all the senses. A theater ideal for amusement parks, tourist attractions, and other location-based entertainment venues. Renewable-content library at the click of a button with high THRC.

Additional info

Scalable form 12 to 400+ seats

Sample of minimum ride areas

12 seats

  • Area: 50m2 (538 ft2)
  • Height: 4m (13'2")

32 seats

  • Area: 80-100m2 (861-1,076 ft2)
  • Height: 5m (16'5")

128 seats

  • Area: 200m2 (2,153 ft2)
  • Height: 6m (19'8")