General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride, Semi-dark ride
  • Ride subtype
    Car Ride

A breakthrough new concept for water- and amusement parks around the world. The first fully trackless (interactive) water ride system developed for the immersive venue market. Having a fun ride for the whole family!

ETF translated its more than 25 years of experience with trackless people movers into this new water ride vehicle, the “ETF Aqua Mover”. It is the newest member of the ETF trackless family. The Aqua Mover operates trackless and ensures unexpected fun and excitement because there are multiple, non-linear route options.... You never know exactly where it is going!

The ETF Aqua Mover is based on our trusted trackless ride system technology, of which already more than 750 vehicles are in operation all over the world. It follows an embedded wire in the floor, below the water, so visitors will not be distracted by a track. The vehicle has a double bench and a capacity of 4 guests. The track path has endless, fancy possibilities such as 90° turns and a 360° on-the-spot rotations, crossings, etc. A great people mover that can be used in water rides inside and outside! This technology has been proven to be very reliable and also has very low maintenance costs.

Additional info

ETF Tiki Splash Roulette technical data

Typical vehicle guidance distance 50 - 350 m2 50 - 350 m2
Track type No track, wire guided No track, wire guided
Application Indoor and outdoor
Typical no. of vehicles 2 - 20
Vehicle capacity 4 people
Ride capacity per hour 360 - 720 people
Maximun speed 0.8 - 1m/s 0.8 - 1m/s
Maximum horizontal curve 1.6 m
Power speed On board battery system
Operation time 12 hours/day