General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride, Show ride
  • Ride subtype
    Car Ride

Our suspended gondolas give a really immersive experience, including the feeling of flying, a soft swinging motion, 360° rotation, interactive systems and special effects on board on demand. All fire retardant fiberglass bodies can be customized making the gondolas suit all kinds of different themes.

The suspended gondolas are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, on one or more different levels, with the possibility of creating some uphill and downhill slopes along the path.

We have designed different options for path layouts, to best suit the parks’ needs.

The gondolas are supplied with variable speed regulation by means of AC motors, (acceleration and deceleration) to produce a greater thrilling effect and also to increase the capacity.

The gondolas are equipped with one (2 seats) or two seating rows (4 seats or 2 children in the front and 2 adults in the back).

The gondolas are always equipped with a restraint system that operates automatically.

In all our types of dark ride cars we can install interactive systems creating a multimedia experience.

Additional info

Technical specifications

Vehicle type Suspended
Number of seats 2 seats adults
4 seats (2 children +2 adults or 4 adults)
Rail type Dual rail pipe
Different levels possible Yes
Bending available No
Vehicle details With or without rotation
Vehicle fiberglass body Fully customizable in fire-resistant
Speed Variable, usual value 0,5-1,2m/s
Vehicle onboard optionals Vibrating seats, Audio, Air 'tricks', Air blow, Scary finger