Welcome to the Dark Ride Database

“Welcome, willkommen, bienvenue, welkom!”

Welcome to the Dark Ride Database!

We are very proud that, after months of hard work, we can finally open the ‘doors’ to our website and let you in. On the Dark Ride Database you can find a collection of dark rides, semi-dark rides and show rides from all over Europe. In the past months we have been very busy with building this website and collecting data of all the rides. You can read all about that in our Making Of Special.

From now, you can all browse through the database to find all the information that might interest you. Do you miss some information in the database that you do have? Please help us by submitting the information to the database!

Besides information on rides, we are also going to bring you news on new dark rides and will release specials on specific rides or companies from time to time. Right now, you can already read the special we wrote on Area 51: Top Secret in Movie Park Germany and the interview with dark ride designers of Jora Vision.

We would like to thank the following persons: Suzanne, for fixing some codes for the website. Menno, Gerrit, Misha, Manuëla, Simon, Marco, Jim and Quintus for their suggestions and feedback and of course Jan Maarten and Simeon of Jora Vision for their support.

We hope you have a lot of fun browsing through our website and hope to see you more often. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments, you can fill out the contact form or write a post in our community.

Take care,
Johan, Erik & Luc
Team DRdb.