Waarbeek opens new dark ride in 2022

Render of the entrance of the new dark ride © De Waarbeek

Last week, Dutch amusement park De Waarbeek revealed the design of the façade of their new ride, coming up for 2022. Images showed a render of the ride’s entrance accompanied by a couple of pictures of a scale model, showing an extensively themed facade in a haunted house-style. Initially, the park did not announce the ride type yet, teasing for more information coming up in the next months. Today however, the park’s director Kevin Moespot confirmed to Dutch news website looopings that the new ride will be the park’s first dark ride.

“We could have built any of-the-shelf-ride that people would already know, but we wanted to built something special that exceeds the expectations of our visitors,” according to Kevin Moespot. The ride is made in collaboration with Petro Art Production, who is responsible for designing and constructing of the facade of the ride. It will be located on the site currently occupied by the Goldmine Express, a traveling powered coaster that has been at the park for two seasons. Until 2019, a classic Calypso ride could be found on this location.

While the interior stays a secret for now, the exterior features a design of a dilapidated, haunted mansion. This design was custom made for the park, and should give visitors “a wow-factor that you would not expect in a small amusement park,” according to Kevin Moespot. The theming of the ride is an important aspect in this, as it allows immersion into the ride’s setting, something that the park didn’t feature yet. The ride is slated to open in 2022, with construction presumably starting this off season.

20211109 Waarbeek2
Scale model of the ride’s facade © De Waarbeek

20211109 Waarbeek3
Scale model of the ride’s facade © De Waarbeek