Waarbeek announces opening date for Huyze Pelle

Huyze Pelle
The opening date announcement on De Waarbeek’s website (© De Waarbeek)

In November of last year, the Dutch theme park De Waarbeek (Hengelo) announced a new dark ride for the 2022 season. With the new season approaching, De Waarbeek has now announced the opening date and name for their new Haunted House. Huyze Pelle (House of Pelle in old Dutch) will open on 28th May this year.

The façade of Huyze Pelle is being created by Petro Art Production. According to De Waarbeek’s CEO, the ride will contain “a wow-factor that you would not expect in a small amusement park”. The ride will be located on the former space of the classic Calypso ride that operated until 2019. For the last two years this space was occupied by the “Goldmine Express” rollercoaster.

Huyze Pelle
Construction progress of the façade (© Kevin Moespot on LinkedIn)

Huyze Pelle will be the first DRdb listed ride for De Waarbeek, one of the oldest theme parks in The Netherlands. The small park caters mostly to families with small children. De Waarbeek announced the opening of a second ride for the 2022 season: Big Apple rollercoaster “Rupsje Mae“. This rollercoaster is relocating from the closed theme park De Valkenier. It is not unlikely that the ride system for Huyze Pelle will be the one that once belonged to “Spookkasteel“, of the same park, but this has not been confirmed.

Huyze Pelle 3
Decorations under construction for Huyze Pelle (© Janna Moespot-Van der Linde on LinkedIn)

Update January 31, 2022:
Today we received some extra pictures from Petro Art Production of the current state of the ride’s exterior. Check them out below.

20220131 HuyzePelle1

20220131 HuyzePelle2

20220131 HuyzePelle4

20220131 HuyzePelle5

20220131 HuyzePelle6

20220131 HuyzePelle7

20220131 HuyzePelle3