Triotech participates in Puy du Fou Asia SAGA experience Shanghai for 2023

Puy du Fou Asia
Render of the SAGA façade by Puy du Fou Asia (© Puy du Fou Asia / Triotech)

Canadian company Triotech is well-known for its interactive experiences and motion-based rides. During the IAAPA Expo Europe, which is being held this week in London, they hosted a press conference where they announced their participation in Puy du Fou Asia’s SAGA project. Triotech announced the production of a simulator ride for this experience, which is set to open in 2023.

The SAGA immersive show project is being built in historical Shanghai and will bring attendees back to the 1930s in the heart of the city. The site covers more than 40,000 m² and will host more than 3,500 visitors per day. Guests will be immersed into an amazing journey through time in an immense walkthrough experience, following one of 26 possible routes with their friends and family. Triotech’s European Division CL Corp was chosen to design and build seven dynamic train carriages that will simulate a life-sized train. This system will contain numerous special effects and media elements as part of the experience.

20220913 SAGA3
Christophe Lucchini and Ernest Yale, both from Triotech, at the press presentation (© Dark Ride Database)

The train will consist of seven motion platforms in a row and is significant in size. During the presentation, Ernest Yale mentioned that each of the units will be “about as big as this room,” referring to the press room hosting around 30 reporters. The combined vehicles should be able to host around 100 riders. The motion base of each vehicle includes 8 degrees of freedom. The media will be developed by a Chinese party and tailored to fit the local culture, but no specific company was mentioned at this time. The system looks similar to the Loco-Motion system that Triotech presented a couple of years ago.

20220913 SAGA4
Capture of the presentation of the ride system. Each carriage moves indepedently in multiple directions (© Dark Ride Database)

“Puy du Fou is clearly a leader in their segment. They have a unique offering and are quite simply unparalleled at what they do,” said Ernest Yale, President and CEO of Triotech. “We are excited to be working with this world-class organisation.” During the press presentation, Yale added that he liked to work on such an immersive experience that will stand out in the company’s portfolio. [sic] “When people ride this new experience at SAGA, I do not want them to relate that ride to for example our interactive theaters.”

20220913 SAGA5