Travel through time in MagicLand

Gattobaleno Time Machine
Image by MagicLand

MagicLand will open a new dark ride called Gattobaleno Time Machine. The ride will be replacing the Planeta Winx dark ride that had to be rethemed due to the loss of the intelectual property of Rainbow.

A year after opening the park in 2011, MagicLand in Italy (near Rome) collaborated with cartoon production company Rainbow, renaming the park to Rainbow MagicLand in 2012. The park featured a couple new rides that included intelectual property of Rainbow, including two dark rides: Huntik 5D and Planeta Winx. The contract with Rainbow ended in 2019 and the park will be named MagicLand again from the 2020 season.

Both dark rides will require a new theme without the Rainbow IP before reopening. MagicLand has already disclosed information about the retheme of Planeta Winx. The ride will be called “Gattobaleno Time Machine” and feature MagicLand’s new mascot Gattobaleno. The park has released a teaser video on YouTube:

Trailer for the new ride

Gattobaleno Time Machine will feature the existing ride system, which was a suspended car ride, built by Gosetto. MagicLand has not released any information about a retheme of Huntik 5D yet.