Toverland reveals early concepts of Merlin’s Quest

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Concept image of one of Merlin’s Quests dark ride scenes – Image by Toverblog



In the past weeks, Toverland has asked their followers on social media to ask questions to the park’s main designer, Peter van Holsteijn. Earlier today Toverblog posted a blog answering some of the fan’s most asked questions about their work. This post contains some interesting early sketches of their semi-dark ride Merlin’s Quest en the themed area Avalon in which the ride is situated.

One of the questions which was asked is “What is the design process like from start to delivery?” In their answer the park took the design process of Merlin’s Quest as an example. It started out as a walkthrough and quickly evolved into a small ruin with a few dark ride scenes. In this dark ride you would eventually be swallowed by Morgana’s more evil magic.

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One of the first ideas for Merlin’s Quest – Image by Toverblog



Designing a ride is a dynamic process. Because of this the ride’s lay-out was changed. In the final version the ride takes you through the catacombs of Merlin’s castle. The upper floors of this building are utilized for the B&M wingcoaster Fenix. Below are some of the concepts for Merlin’s castle in order of design.