Tir Prince Fun Land rebrands park and includes dark ride

Tir Prince Fun Land
The park’s new name and logo (© Tir Prince Fun Land)

Tir Prince Family Fun Park in Wales, United Kingdom is undergoing a major change. The park changed its name and branding in this large redo. That is not all, as a few of the park’s rides have been replaced with new for 2022 additions. One of these new additions is the dark ride ‘Monster Express’, which might be familiar to UK fairground enthousiasts, since the ride operated on fairgrounds between 2002 and 2021.

Monster Express is a car ride build by Italian manufacturer Carpenteria 2000 and originally opened on the Clarence Pier in 1996. It would remain in operation at the pier up until 2001, when it was removed and sold to Joe Barker to tour the United Kingdom’s fair circuit starting 2002. Joe would eventually sell the ride to his fellow showmen James Henry Williams in 2014. James travelled through the United Kingdom with it ever since, with the exception of 2019, when he loaned it to Funland at The Tropicana for their season.

It is currently unknown whether Tir Prince Fun Land bought or loaned the ride, or if any changes will be made to it to differentiatie it from its fairground days. Fun Land’s season starts on April 1st, but it isn’t yet revealed whether the ghost train will be ready for operation at the start of this season.