Three Legolands open new Flying Theatre in May

2021 LegoMovieWorldOpeningDay
Legoland California announces opening date for Lego Movie World (© Legoland California)

Three Legoland parks are following the example set by Legoland Florida and will open a flying theatre in 2021. Legoland Billund (Denmark), Windsor (England) and California (U.S.A.) will all open new theme zones, with the flying theatre as the major attraction.

All three rides are manufactured by Brogent Technology from Taiwan, that also built the version in Florida. The installations in Denmark and California are located in a new Lego Movie theme zone and are called ‘Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride‘ (California) or ‘Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Masters of Flight‘. They will be similar to the version in Florida. Legoland Windsor is opening a complete new theme zone called Mythica. The flying theatre of Windsor will be called ‘Flight of the Sky Lion‘ and will feature a completely different theme and ride movie.

Legoland Billund will open their new theme zone on May 21st. California will follow on May 27th. Windsor will welcome guests in Mythica on May 29th. The rides in Billund and California were originally scheduled to open in 2020, but the outbreak of Covid-19 caused them to be delayed to 2021.

Three Legoland parks in Europe and the U.S.A. will open new theme zones with a flying theatre next month.
Legoland Windsor teases their new ride (©Legoland Windsor)