New flying theatre ‘This is Germany’ to open in Berlin for 2024

IMG 7173
This is Holland flying theatre (© Dark Ride Database)

News from Germany reveals that a new flying theatre will be opened in Berlin for 2024. The attraction is due to be named ‘This is Germany’ and will inevitably be a German equivalent of the currently operating ‘This is Holland‘ attraction in Amsterdam.

This new flying theatre will be supplied by Taiwanese manufacturer Brogent Technologies, consisting of a 40 passenger model. It will be labelled as a 5D experience by the attraction operator as it is set to use special effects such as scent and vibration, along with the usual motion simulation features. This is Germany will transport visitors around the local sights and smells that represent various places of interest throughout the country.

City Leisure Group is currently overseeing the construction phase, which is already underway in an area of Berlin known as the Ku’damm. The project will see a re-vitalisation of a high rise buildling and surrounding facilities, under the name “Fürst” and the flying theatre alone is anticipated to attract at least half a million visitors to this area per year.

Additional attractions of a similar design are expected to be constructed in other major cities around the world by the same team over the next few years. The first one to be announced was This is Ireland. However, there has not been an update on that ride ever since the first press-release. It is unsure if This is Ireland has been postponed or cancelled.

This is Germany
An overview of the location (© Aggregate Holdings S.A.)