The next Dark Ride Database expansion

Devil’s Peak at Oriental Heritage Jinan, China (© Heartline Coaster)

11 months after the opening of our website, we are proud to announce that we will be expanding our website once more. This time, the remaining continents of Africa, Asia and Oceania will be added to the dark ride database. This expansion will go live on April 1st, and just like last year, it’s no joke!

So far, we counted 15 new entries in Africa, 14 in Oceania and a stunning 577 in Asia, spreading from Japan to the middle east. Next month, you will be able to explore 334 new dark rides, 43 semi-dark rides and 228 show rides, creating a total of 606 new entries in the database. We’re still gathering information however, these figures could still change before April 1st.

This new expansion marks the final expansion in terms of territories. Starting from April 1st, we will also start with bringing news about dark rides from these new continents, might use them as subject for a possible special as well. The dark ride database will expand one more time in the future. In that expansion, we will add defunct rides from all around the world. At this moment we can not announce a date for this last expansion.

The Dark Ride Database will expand once more next month by adding the remaining three continents of Africa, Asia and Oceania to the database.
Luna Park Melbourne’s classic Ghost Train (Melbourne, Australia) (© Glenn Van Hoeydonck)
Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea (© Heartline Coaster)