Snorri Touren copy at Tetsyblu Theme Park, Kazakhstan, opened to the public

Snorri Touren at Tetsyblu Theme Park in Kazakhstan
Snorri Touren at Tetsyblu Theme Park in Kazakhstan (© Rixos Water World Aktau)

Earlier this year we reported on the coming of a second installation of Snorri Touren often referred to as simply Snorri, to be build at Tetsyblu Theme Park in Aktau, Kazakhstan. This first dark ride within the brand new park, part of the Rixos Water World Aktau resort, has recently opened to the public. Just like the original at Europa-Park that opened in 2019, it revolves around octopus Snorri and his fictional home island Rulantica.

The concept for Snorri Touren is based on Europa-Park’s water park Rulantica, which itself opened in 2019. It was built in the cellar of the Scandinavian part of Europa-Park to both attract more guests to it and promote the new water park. Design and much of the construction was outsourced to Dutch design firm Jora Vision, with just the ride system and projections produced in Germany, by Mack Rides and MackMedia respectively. It was developed in less than 18 months and was awarded last year with the THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement for an Attraction with limited budget.

Tetsyblu Theme Park has now opened their own version of Snorri Touren, for which Jora Vision and Mack Rides reprised their roles as manufacturers. The lay-out, order of scenes and most of the theming are exact copies, although some small changes have been made. For example, the lighting has been improved, with the shiny treasure in the chest in the final scene now actually glowing a bright orange.

Snorri Touren Tetsyblu 1
The improved lighting in the final scene (© Rixos Water World Aktau)

Some more changes were made for practical reasons. The transfer track has been moved from the first scene in the original, to a more visible spot in the Trølldal. Signage and other text has been translated from German to Kazakh (Cyrillic script), although the lyrics in the soundtrack have been kept German. Finally, some work has been done on the projection domes. The turntable has been more seamlessly integrated into the floor and it seems as though the projected images have been improved, with more accurate and vibrant colours. A full onride can be viewed on YouTube.

Promotional video of Snorri Touren (© Rixos Water World Aktau)