Portable dark ride Smash & Reload XXS announced by BoldMove

Smash & Reload XXS (© BoldMove Nation)
Render of Smash & Reload XXS from above (© BoldMove Nation)

Belgian ride designer BoldMove Nation continues to cater to the dark ride market by introducing a new version of their Smash & Reload concept. As stated in a press release, the interactive dark ride is now available in a portable version, nicknamed the ‘XXS’, a perfect fit for family entertainment centres and shopping malls.

SmashReloadXXS 2
Located on the side of the portable building is a small queueline (© BoldMove Nation)

The Smash & Reload concept was first shown off in 2020. It is a compact dark ride in which five vehicles (each seating 6 persons) circle around a central hub, around which the on-screen action takes place in 5 scenes. The XXS features just 3 vehicles and 4 scenes, on a footprint of only 144 square meters. Benoit Cornet, CEO of BoldMove and the designer of Smash & Reload, explains: ”What makes this attraction so unique, is that it offers a top quality ride system and media on a very compact space at an affordable price.”

SmashReloadXXS 3
Render of the inside of Smash & Reload XXS (© BoldMove Nation)

BoldMove already developed the ‘TooMush’ IP, centred around saving a city from the invasion of rapidly duplicating mushrooms. The Smash & Reload XXS will also come standard with an adaptation of the TooMush theme, although custom themes, like the recently shown off Daltons and Marsupilami ones, can be incorporated if desired. For the creation of the media content, BoldMove works together with Polymorph, while the ride system for both the large and smaller versions are supplied by Triotech.

French theme park Le Pal (Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre) will be the first to open a full scale Smash & Reload this spring, of which the name was revealed to be Champi’Folies (Mushroom Madness).

SmashReload TooMush
Screenshot of TooMush (© BoldMove Nation)