Simworx presents new flying theatre: Pegasus

Pegasus Flying Theatre
View from the Pegasus Flying Theatre (© Simworx)

United Kingdom based rides manufacturer Simworx has presented a new ride for their catalogue: Pegasus Flying Theatre. The new attraction was built to compete with existing flying theatre manufacturers, but with a twist. Riders do not take seat on traditional sofa-gondolas, but on one-person seats instead, where riders will be seated in a motorbike riding-like position.

Simworx has been working on the design for the Pegasus for some time now. They already teased the ride on the IAAPA Euro Expo in London (September), but presented it in full on the IAAPA Expo in Orlando (November) and recently released a press release to promote the attraction.

Pegasus will consist of multiple floors with rows of motion-based seats. The generic seats of the theatre can be themed in many ways, like bikes, rockets and horses. The seats are located in front of an immersive projection dome, which is similar to that of traditional flying theatres.

Pegasus Flying Theatre
View of the motion-based seats and projection dome (© Simworx)

Although Pegasus can accommodate the more traditional scenic flight-media, the ride system was designed for a more thrilling experience: “Flying theatres have evolved beyond aerial tours of cities or flying through the clouds to story-driven experiences. Guests want to be transported to impossible places,” says Matt Clarkson, lead creative at Simworx.

This new flying theatre type is similar to Disney’s Avatar Flight of Passage at Walt Disney World – Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando, U.S.A.). Pegasus Flying Theatre could be considered Simworx’ answer to the well acclaimed Disney attraction. Pegasus, with its modular design, can be adjusted to different sizes, making the experience of a flying theatre accessible for parks with smaller budgets and limited space.

Promotional video of Pegasus Flying Theatre (© Simworx)