Seibuen Amusement Park opens Godzilla Flying Theatre

Godzilla the Ride
Concept art of Godzilla the Ride (© Seibuen Amusment Park)

On May 19th, Seibuen Amusement Park (Yamaguchi, near Tokyo) reopend for the 2021 season and premiered a new ride: Godzilla the Ride. This Flying Theatre takes its riders right into a battle between giant monsters. It is the first simulator ride in the world with a Godzilla theme.

The ride, built by Brogent Technologies, can carry up to 70 passengers at a time, which will last aproximly 5 minutes (excluding pre-show). The full name of the ride ‘ゴジラ・ザ・ライド 大怪獣頂上決戦’ (“Godzilla the Ride: Giant Monsters Ultimate Battle”) but is also referred to as “Godzilla the Ride: Great Kaiju Decisive Dominance Battle”. The ride film was created by Japanese film director Takashi Yamazaki.

Seibuen Amusment Park has been renovated during its closure due to the Covid-19 pandamic and reopend with Godzilla the Ride as the major new attraction. The ride building is located at the end of Seibuen’s shopping steet.