Secret of Arayat dark ride coming up at Pradera Islands Philippines

Secret of Arayat artwork
Artwork for the outside of Secret of Arayat (© Lagotronics Projects)

The Pradera Islands is a theme park still under construction at Pradera Verde, a tourist hot-spot located in the province of Pampanga of the Philippines. The theme park is an initiative of businessman Bong Pineda and is being designed by the Spanish agency Immersive Planet. While construction started back in 2019, little was known about the content of the park. Until today, when the Dutch firm Lagotronics Projects shared some insight into their involvement with the 23 hectare project, which includes an exciting new media-based dark ride: Secret of Arayat.

Immersive Planet reached out to Lagotronics Projects to develop and produce the flagship dark ride. On their website the designers explain the premise revolves around the volcano Mount Arayat, which is located roughly 40 kilometres North of the building site of Pradera Islands. According to legend, the volcano was once the home to Sinukuan, the god of war and death. Guests will embark on a mission to infiltrate the ”golden palace” of Sinukuan hidden within in search of gemstones.

Secret of Arayat Artwork 2
Artwork for one of the scenes of Secret of Arayat (© Lagotronics Projects)

Secret of Arayat will contain impressive scenery and animatronics, as well as a variety of media-based content including 3D and fog screen projections. Temperature changes and other special effects will be implemented to ensure an immersive experience, all aspects of which will be delivered turnkey by Lagotronics Projects. The company partnered up with German rides manufacturer Metallbau Emmeln to supply the ride system.

Lagotronic Projects will be involved with other rides at the park, including supplying VR technology for a roller coaster and interactive systems for multiple rides. They will also be responsible for sound systems across the park.

Pradera Islands Gate Artwork
Design for the entrance of Pradera Islands, the park revolving around Philippine folklore (© Immersive Planet)