Sally Dark Rides unveils exciting new Haunted Hotel attraction for USA in 2023

IMG 9678
Animatronic Teaser © Sally Dark Rides

The 2022 IAAPA expo in Orlando is officially underway and we already have some important dark ride news! US manufacturer Sally Dark Rides have revealed their brand new interactive dark ride installation titled Haunted Hotel, that will be opening at Funtown Splashtown USA at some point next year.

In true Sally Dark Rides style, the major eye-catcher from the reveal at this moment in time is an impressive animatronic witch that will feature within Haunted Hotel. The character in question has cast a spell on the hotel, which was built on the land that was once her home. It will be up to Funtown’s guests to help eradicate her and declare the place safe from her wicked ways and evil charms.

Haunted hotel
Final touches from the Art Finish Supervisor © Sally Dark Rides

Further details outline that Haunted Hotel will utilise four-passenger vehicles to transport guests through a total 14 scenes – the rooms of the ‘Whispering Pines Hotel’. Guests will be able to directly take part in the experience and storyline by means of Sally’s specialised custom interactive devices, in this instance known as ‘Curse Eradicators’.

John Wood, Chairman and CEO of Sally Dark Rides states that the Haunted Hotel will be “Blending a magical, spooky theme with our company’s interactive technology and unmatched theming allows us to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that is both cursed and family-friendly!”

“For this special attraction, we have created an original storyline that will only be found Funtown. And besides, doesn’t every park need a good haunted house!

Funtown Splashtown USA is located in Saco, Maine and was founded by the Cormier family in 1960 as the Marvel Drive-In restaurant. The location steadily grew into the amusement park it is today, featuring an assortment of rollercoasters, flat rides and water slides. Once the new Haunted Hotel attraction opens in 2023, it will be the sole entry in our database operating in the state of Maine.