Preview video of Futuroscope’s Objectif Mars

20200501 Futuroscope
Artist impression of one of the dark ride scenes. Picture from the park’s website

The French theme park Futuroscope is currently finishing the construction of Objectif Mars, the major new ride of the park for the 2020 season. Objectif Mars will be the first roller coaster of the park and it will contain several dark ride scenes. Pictures and videos from the exterior are already known, guests of the park have seen the ride testing in February. However, the interior was still kept secret, until the park posted a new preview video last week.

The story behind the ride turns its riders into astronauts, going on a mission to Mars. Trailers already promised a ride experience including solar eruptions and electromagnetic fields, but the newly posted video shows how these elements are supposed to be worked out in several dark ride scenes. A digital 3D model of multiple scenes is shown, containing among others an animatronic welcoming guests on their journey and fire and lights effects. The viedo also shows a section where the cars are rotated towards screens for specific scenes.

Objectif Mars is a launched spinning coaster produced by Intamin AG. With a ride length of 500 meters and maximum speed of 55 km/h, the ride is meant to entertain guests of all ages. The ride was supposed to open on the 28th of March, but the park is still closed until further notice because of COVID-19.