Petro Art Production shows new artwork for Secret of Arayat

Secret of Arayat
Exterior of the showbuilding for Secret of Arayat (© Petro Art Production)

Pradera Islands will be the first large scale theme park in the Philippines. Lagotronic Projects announced in January that they were working on the signature dark ride for the park, called Secret of Arayat. The ride will be located inside a large volcano in the centre of the park. Petro Art Production, the company in charge of the artificial rockwork for the park, has shared some new artwork for the exterior of the ride.

Construction of the 23-hectare park in Lubao has started and according to a press release, Petro Art Production have begun construction of the theming. When finished, the volcano will be almost 20 metres high and over 50 metres wide. Petro will also be in charge of the rockwork on the interior of the ride, which is due to be set in a ‘natural cave’ and ‘mining’-style. The interior of the ride contains over 1000 m2 of rockwork and will be highlighted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Secret of Arayat revolves around the volcano Mount Arayat, which is located roughly 40 kilometres north of the building site of Pradera Islands. According to legend, the volcano was once the home to Sinukuan, the God of war and death. Guests will embark on a mission to infiltrate the ”golden palace” of Sinukuan hidden within the volcano, in search of gemstones.

The master plan of the park was created by the Spanish company Immersive Planet. An opening date for Pradera Islands has not yet been announced.

Secret of Arayat 4
Artwork for the enterance of the ride (© Petro Art Production)
Secret of Arayat 5
Different views of the volcano (© Petro Art Production)
Secret of Arayat 6
Concept art for Pradera Islands (© Petro Art Production)