Worldwide Expansion, live on the first birthday of the Dark Ride Database!

Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland is now included in the database (© Glenn Van Hoeydonck)

Exactly one year ago, on April 1st 2020, we opened the Dark Ride Database with only European rides. After the American expansion in October, we now celebrate our first birthday by launching the largest expansion in our history. From now on, you can explore over 600 dark and show rides on the remaining continents of Africa, Oceania and Asia!

With the new additions, the Dark Ride Database almost doubles in size. New entries include a wide range of rides, from famous dark rides in Disney resorts to a classic old Pretzel ride in Melbourne and from brand new resorts in the Emirates to historic city parks in Beijing and Moscow. Although we did our best to find rides spread over the continents, our database is probably not yet complete. If you know any dark or show rides that are not on the database, or if you have pictures of rides that currently lack images, feel free to use our renewed submission form to add your information to the database.

Scooby Doo01
Scooby-Doo Museum of Mysteries in Warner. Bros World Abu Dhabi (© Glenn Van Hoeydonck)

With the database expansion, we will also cover dark ride news from the newly added continents. Our list of new rides in 2021 is complemented with Asian, Australian and African rides and we are eager to let you know when new parks and dark rides in these regions are announced or opened.

This expansion is the last expansion of the database by continent. The only remaining field is that of defunct rides. We plan to include those rides in the database somewhere during the upcoming year, but we cannot announce a specific date for that yet. Let’s go for many more beautiful years of Dark Ride Database!

Ghost Train Melbourne
The historic Pretzel Ghost Train in Luna Park Melbourne. (© Glenn Van Hoeydonck)

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