New theme and closing date chosen for Indiana River at Bobbejaanland

Originally posted 12/09/2022, updated 25/10/2022

Concepts for Mystery Volcano © BjlFans via Twitter
Concepts for Mystery Volcano (© BjlFans via Twitter)

About six months ago, word got out that Bobbejaanland will be retheming their indoor log flume Indiana River for the 2023 season. Three potential themes by the Belgian firm KCC Entertainment Design were shown as part of a poll, and a select group of people were asked to give their opinion on these concepts. At a press event on 10 September, the park announced which of the themes they will use for the retheme: the volcano theme.

Indiana River is an indoor log flume, which opened in 1991 and received extensive jungle theming one year later. Bobbejaanland confirmed that the ride will remain open until the end of the season, which even got extended by another weekend. This means that visitors will have the change to find lost Inca treasure in the rain forest until 13 November 2022. In addition, a special line of merchandise has been created to celebrate 30 years of Indiana River, which can be found at the General Store at the park entrance. Annual pass holders present on the day of the press event received a goody bag with items related to the ride.

Indiana River in its current form © Dark Ride Database
Indiana River in its current form (© Dark Ride Database)

Apart from retheming Indiana River, the volcano theme will be expanded to an extended area surrounding Indiana River, soon to be known as ‘Mystery Volcano’. The area in the making will be covering most of the northern bank of the central lake in the park, spanning roughly from the Wild Water Slide log flume near the entrance of the park, all the way to the Oki Doki rollercoaster near the back. No details have been given on how extensively the other rides within the area will be rethemed, nor when the entire area will be completed.

Some of the Indiana River related merchandise from the goody bag and General Store (© Dark Ride Database)

Update 25 October: While before it was said that Indiana River would stay open until the final day of the season, 13 November, today the park announced an early closure. On its social media and website it states that Sunday 6 November will be the last day visitors can experience Indiana River in its current form. It seems that this closure date is a remand from when November 6 was supposed to be the final day of the season.

Instagram post by Bobbejaanland mentioning the closure date