New ride images from Fantasy Springs released

TDR TDS Fantasy Springs Rapunzels Forest Concept Art 2 1200x607 1
Concept art for Tangled (© Disney Company)

New images have been released for the highly anticipated new land in Tokyo DisneySea that will be opening soon.  Announced way back in 2018, the new area called Fantasy Springs appears to be nearing completion for its 2024 opening date. Themed around a mystical spring leading to a world of fantasy, it comprises three impressively themed areas: Frozen Kingdom, Rapunzel’s Forest, and Peter Pan’s Never Land, drawing inspiration from the beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios films “Frozen” (2013), “Tangled” (2010), and “Peter Pan” (1953). This expansive addition marks the largest land expansion to date at Tokyo Disney Resort, housing four exhilarating attractions, three quick-service dining spots, a merchandise boutique, and a brand-new hotel.

Tokyo DisneySea - Fantasy Springs Hotel
The Fantasy Springs Hotel (© Disney Company)

Following media preview days, several images and videos have been released giving us an even more detailed look at what is to be expected when visiting this new land. has shared some really impressive new photos from these soon to be opened attractions.

Tokyo DisneySea - Fantasy Springs - Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey
Entrance to Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey (© Disney Company)

Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey appears to be quite different from Frozen Ever After in EPCOT, due to the fact that they were not limited by a simple retheme of an older ride. Starting with a queue that takes you through Arrendelle Castle, you will then board a boat that seats up to 16 guests, which takes you through a retelling of the first movie using several animatronic characters as well as screens and other physical props and lighting effects.

Tokyo DisneySea - Fantasy Springs - Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival
Scene for Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival (© Disney Company)

Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival follows the characters of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on a romantic boat ride through the forest ending with a beautiful lantern display.  The ride features several locations from the film including Rapunzel’s tower which can be seen outside the ride entrance with a very impressive Rapunzel animatronic inside singing.  Both rides feature several songs from the hit animated movies, sung in Japanese.

Tokyo DisneySea - Fantasy Springs - Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure
Entrance to Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure (© Disney Company)

Finally we have Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, not to be confused with Peter Pan’s Flight at the nearby Tokyo Disneyland.  In this attraction guests will wear 3D glasses and move through various scenes with multiple screens and projections telling the story of Peter Pan and his group of Lost Kids on an adventure to save one of their friends from Captain Hook. Unfortunately, it seems that Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies does not qualify as a dark ride, as we have previously reported, since it takes place entirely outside.  However, that does not take away from the detail and charm this attraction will also bring to the land.

Disney Springs is set to open on June 6, 2024 at Tokyo DisneySea (Japan).