New Flying Theatre for Changbaishan

Flying Over Changbaishan01
Flying over Changbaishan (© Brogent Technologies)

Another new Flying Theatre will open in China – 與鷹同翔 / Flying over Changbaishan. This flying theatre, built by Brogent Technologies from Taiwan, will simulate a flight over the Changbai Mountains, located in the North East of China, along the border with North Korea.

China is the world leader in having the most flying theatres in any country and as far as the database knows, this will be the 53rd flying theatre operating within the country. Most installations can be found within theme parks, but the popularity of the ride stretches to stand alone attractions as well. Flying over Changbaishan is a stand alone attraction situated on the edge of the Changbai Mountains. The ride film shows off the scenery of the surrounding area from a flying perspective.

Flying over Changbaishan is located in the Visitors Centre of the Changbaishan National Park in China. The ride film was produced by P.E.L. Creative and Flyride Films from the United Kingdom.

Flying Over Changbaishan02
Flying over Changbaishan (© Brogent Technlogies)