New dark rides for 2020

Every year marks the opening of new dark rides that get listings on the database. We will try to make an annual list of all upcoming new rides for the season, starting ofcourse in the year 2020.


Futuroscope: Objectif Mars. This Intamin spinning roller coaster will be the first roller coaster of Futuroscope and will contain a dark ride section. Opening was planned on March 28th, but had to be postponed to June 13th.
( Ride is open )


Europa-Park: Piraten in Batavia. After the devistating fire of 2018, Europa Park will open a new version of the ride. Major parts of the ride were redesigned, as the original version was concidered to be a bit outdated. Grand opening has been on July 28th.
( Ride is open )

Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten: Kunnibert’s Abenteuer. A new interactive dark ride is finally being build in the structure underneath their Flume ride. The structure of the building was unfinished for years. The interactive darkride will be built by Lagatronics Projects. Klotten has announced the opening of the ride on July 10th.
( Ride is open )

Phantasialand: F.L.Y. Phantasialand is building a Flying Launch Coaster in their new themed area Rookburgh. The ride includes a dark ride section and counts as semi-dark ride.
( Ride is in soft-opening )


Rainbow MagicLand: The contract with cartoon producing company Rainbow has ended. Suspended dark ride ‘Planeta Winx’ will be rethemed to “Gattobaleno Time Machine“.
( Ride is open )


Avonturenpark Hellendoorn: Jungle Expedition: De Vervloekte Schat. This boat ride originally opened in 1979 and was previously called Jungle Monster and Junglevaart before that. The ride used to contain one indoor scene, but during a refurbishment this year, the scene is split in three seperate scenes.
( Ride is open )

Rides postponed to 2021:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, parks are coping closures and delayed constructions. The following list shows new to be listed rides that were scheduled for the 2020 season, but are delayed til 2021.


Plopsa Station Antwerpen: The former Comics Station Antwerp closed at the end of 2019 and was bought by Studio 100 to be converted to a Plopsa indoor park. Some rides will be rethemed while others stay in their current theme. Comics Station used to have 4 entries in the Dark Ride Database.
The park was scheduled to open again at the end of 2020, but got postponed to October 2021.


Legoland Billund: Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Masters of Flight – Legoland will open Denmark’s first Flying Theatre. The ride’s main character Emmet is also the main character of the two Lego movies (2014 & 2019).
Legoland announced the daly on May 14th.


Etnaland: La Casa dei 44 Gatti – Dark ride based on the Italian animated series ’44 Gatti’ (44 Cats). Etnaland has announced that the park won’t be opening at all for the 2020 season.

Movieland: Space Mission Mars. – Details on the ride are not confirmed, but it looks like Movieland is building a new simulator. While two other rides annoucned for 2020 have opened, the simulator was postponed to 2021.


Legoland Discovery Centre Scheveningen: This newly built indoor Legoland will contain an interactive dark ride and 4D theatre. The dark ride will be called ‘Fantasie Express’ and will be a version of the Kingdom Quest dark rides in other Legoland Discovery Centres. In September the opening was postponed to 2021.


Liseberg: Underlandet. On April 25, Liseberg will open their brand new dark ride. The ride, situated in the children’s area ‘Kaninlandet’, will show the unknown underground world of the green rabbits which are the park’s main figures. The ride system is built by Gosetto, decorations are made by P&P Projects, animatronics by LifeFormations and music by IMAscore.
The Swedish government have announced they won’t allow theme parks to open in the 2020 season.

United Kingdom:

Alton Towers: Gangsta Granny The Ride. A new dark ride, based on a character of “The World of David Walliams”. Alton Towers announced the delay end May.

Gulliver’s Valley: Tombstone Mine. British theme park chain Gulliver’s Theme Park Resorts will open a new park just outside Sheffield. The park had listed a dark ride called Tombstone Mine to the list of rides to be built in the park. The ride seemed to be a version of the Silver Mine rides in the other Gulliver’s parks. However, as of June 2020, the ride does not appear on the website anymore. It is not sure if the ride got postponed to 2021 or got cancelled.

This article will be extended when new rides are announced.