Movieland announces new rides in Space theme

Mission Mars
Concept image by Movieland

Movieland, a film-themed park on the coast of lake Garda in Italy, has announced three new rides in a new themed area: Space. One of the rides, Space Mission Mars, will probably be a simulator show ride.

Movieland started teasing a new ride called ‘Space’ during the 2019 season when images of an austronaut started to appear in the park. It turns out that Movieland will open 3 new rides in a new theme zone: Space. One of them, Space Mission Mars, is likely to be a simulator. The other two rides, Space Mission Orbit and Space Ranger, seem to be a space shot and a bumper car variation.

The park confirmed that the Italian company Moviemex3D was working on the new simulator ride. Meanwhile, the website of Moviemex3D was updated with information on a 3D film they developed called The Space, with the same astronaut images that appeared in the park.

Movieland currently already has two simulators: Android – The Final Battle 3D and U-571 Submarine Simulator. The ride system for the Android simulator and the 3D theatre Metropol Magic Cinema were built by Moviemex3D.

The new Space area is located in the center of the park on the former location of a Wild West Show.