Movie Park Studios in soft-opening

20210306 MPG4
The trains of the ride resemble the former Studio Tram Tour vehicles (© Movie Park Germany)

Movie Park Germany is now soft-opening their new semi-dark ride ‘Movie Park Studios‘. Last monday, the park showed the new ride to the press and will open the rollercoaster to all public in the park today. It is possible during a soft-opening that the ride will temporary close for some fine tuning. Movie Park Germany has not announced an official opening date yet.

The new ride is located in the building that formerly housed the Looney Tunes Abenteuer (1996-2004) and Ice Age Adventure (2005-2016) dark rides. The rollercoaster was officially announced in August 2020 after the park had already announced that they had plans for a new ride.

Riders of Movie Park Studios are invited to take a tour through the (fictional) studios. The ride contains many references to classic movies (including “Twister” and “King Kong”-inspired scenes), but also to many defunct rides of Movie Park Germany, such as the Studio Tram Tour and Gremlin’s Invasion. The rollercoaster will feature both a forward and backwards LSM-launch and a turntable. The coaster was built by Intamin Amusement Rides.

The ride was designed by Leisure Expert Group and the theming was built by P&P Projects. IMAscore provided the soundtrack for the ride and IMAmotion created the audiovisual media.

On Ride video from Ride Review (on YouTube)
Movie Park Rollercoaster 02
The former Ice Age Adventure building before construction began (© Dark Ride Database)
Movie Park Studios
Artwork of Movie Park Studios (© Movie Park Germany)
20210306 MPG2
The rollercoaster trains are being placed on the track (© Movie Park Germany)
20210306 MPG7
One of the sets of Movie Park Studios (© Movie Park Germany)