Movie Park Germany announces Intamin ride for 2021

2020 08 22 21 04 20 Window
Photo by Movie Park Germany

In March, Movie Park Germany released a teaser video for a new ride in the building of the former Ice Age Adventure ride. Yesterday, the park released a new teaser video, announcing Liechtenstein/Switzerland based company Intamin AG as the manufacturer of the new ride.

Ice Age Adventure was an Intamin AG boat ride that opened in 1996 as Loony Tunes Adventure (in the Warner Bros. Movie World era). It got rethemed in 2005 to Ice Age Adventure when Star Parks bought most of the former Six Flags Europe parks and turned Warner Bros. Movie World into Movie Park Germany.

Ice Age Adventure closed at the end of the 2016 season. After that, the building was used during the Halloween season for a haunted house called ‘Wrong Turn’. Parts of Ice Age Adventure, such as a couple boats, were used for Bermuda Triangle (now Area 51 – Top Secret).

Details on the type of the ride are unkown, but based on the nature of Movie Park Germany, the location in the Ice Age building and the combination with ride supplier Intamin, it is very likely that the new ride will either be a (semi-) dark ride or show ride. Intamin is mostly known for their roller coasters and water rides, but their product catalogue also contains simulators and dark ride systems.

The Ice Age Adventure building is located in the back of the Nickelodeon themed area, next to rapid river Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest. Movie Park Germany has worked with Intamin before on multiple rides, including Excalibur, Area 51 and drop tower The High Fall.