Movie Park Germany reveals more details on new rollercoaster

Movie Park Studios
Concept of the new Semi-Dark Ride rollercoaster, released by Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany has revealed new details of their new rollercoaster in a press release. After the announcement of an Intamin Multidimension rollercoaster in the former Ice Age Adventure building, the park now announces more details about the theme and other involved companies.

The new rollercoaster will follow a storyline with scenes that take place in the original Hollywood-studios in California. Guests will enter the art-deco syled studio building, before getting immersed into the movie making magic of Hollywood. The ride will contain 12 scenes, some of which will contain elements of former rides in Movie Park Germany. Some of these are the Studio Tram Tour, the Cop Car Chase rollercoaster and the Gremlin’s Invasion dark ride.

“Last year, the creative team at Movie Park traveled to the Hollywood studios in California in order to ensure the greatest possible authenticity for the new Multi Dimension Coaster and to be able to implement the studio theme as realistically as possible,” says Manuel Prossotowicz (Director Marketing & Sales and Brand Development).

With a speed of 60 km/h, the ride is not a recordbreaker among Movie Park’s rollercoasters. The is park however confident about the succes: “The most popular attractions are clearly theme rides and family rollercoasters without inversions,” says Thorsten Backhaus (Executive Director). “With the new roller coaster, we are now combining the most desired and most popular types of attractions and elements, creating a novelty in 2021 that is unique in this form in Europe.”

The ride is designed by the Leisure Expert Group with theming by P&P Projects. IMAscore will produce the soundtrack of the new ride, with daughter company IMAmotion producing visual media for the ride.

Teaser video for the project