Moscow’s Dream Island opens Hotel Transylvania dark ride

20210416 hotel transylvania dream island
Image of the new Hotel Transylvania ride © Dream Island Moscow

Last year, Dream Island Moscow opened to the public. This large indoor park consists of several dark rides, two roller coasters and more major rides, divided over nine different theme zones. Some of the announced rides however did not yet open in 2020, but are still under construction. One of these was a new Hotel Transylvania dark ride, set within a Hotel Transylvania themed area. Both opened to public on the 15th of April.

The new ride and area are based on the Hotel Transylvania film franchise, by Sony Pictures. The opening of the area is ahead of the release of the new film Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. Dream Island visitors begin their journey by crossing a bridge over a foggy moat to reach the hotel lobby. Here, they meet Dracula and join him on a tour through more than 10 locations known from the film. Apart from the dark ride, the themed area consists of two restaurants and a gift shop based on the film franchise. So far, no information is known on the manufacturer or designer of ride and area.

“We partnered with Sony Pictures in order to achieve an authentic experience that will be the first attraction of this level in Russia, in one of the world’s leading theme parks,” said Ivan Scholl, technical director of Dream Island. “The work on the Hotel Transylvania theme area took more than three years, as we wanted to build a unique space for Russia, combining the latest technical and creative solutions to create a comedic horror experience suitable for the whole family.”

20210416 hotel transylvania dream island 2
Image from the film franchise © Sony Pictures Entertainment