New Mattel dark ride concept by Scruffy Dog and Simtec

Concept art of the Mattel dark ride (© Mattel)
Concept art of the Fisher Price dark ride (© Mattel)

Scruffy Dog Creative Group is teaming up with Simtec Systems and Mattel. The result of this collaboration is a trackless dark ride based on the Fisher Price line of children’s toys. This concept, which is explained upon further in a press release, is especially notable for Simtec, as this will be the German manufacturer’s first installation of a trackless dark ride system. The theming, story and main concept have been developed by Scruffy Dog.

The newly developed ride system by Simtec will be adaptable for each park’s need. Buyers get the choice between cars that seat 9 people, or smaller cars that seat 6. Possible add-ons for these cars range from on-board audio to interactive elements. Scruffy Dog Creative Group has worked on other dark rides before, like Gruffalo River Ride Adventure at Chessington World of Adventures (UK) and Ghostbusters 5D at Heide-Park (Germany).

The goal of the new Mattel dark ride, according to Simtec Business Development Director Andreas Stickel is to “Deliver a first-class IP attraction as a turnkey solution including the ride system, design & theming, media, décor, and licensing fees.” Scruffy Dogs CEO Joe Bright adds: “Teaming up with Mattel and Simtec is a fantastic collaboration. The ride system can be designed to work with all the various iconic Fisher Price themes which give our clients options and variations.”