Masameer Experience attraction opens in Saudi Arabia

Masameer Experience
Entrance of the new ride. Picture found through the website of Simworx

November 1st marked the opening day of BLVD RUH City, a large mixed-use entertainment complex in the Saudi-Arabian city of Riyadh. The 900.000 square meter complex consists of 9 areas, encompassing sports fields and entertainment centres. Among them is the Studio Area, featuring a brand new simulator ride. The ride is based on the Masameer IP, a satirical Saudi Arabian cartoon series distributed internationally by Netflix. The series might not be known outside of the Arabian kingdom, but it’s clips have garnered hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, and as a property it has achieved full success by being adapted to a themed attraction.

The new ride is called Masameer Experience, and features characters of the cartoon series which is produced by the Myrkott Studio. Already before boarding the ride vehicles, guests meet with statues of the characters, such as Saad, Ghannam and Saltouh. After that, they walk through the mouth of a giant statue of on of the figures to enter the showroom. The overall experience lasts around 20 minutes.

The ride system of the Masameer Experience is manufactured by UK-based company Simworx. The ride uses the Stargazer ride vehicles, which are also installed on the Hyperakselerator-ride that opened earlier this year in the Norwegian Hunderfossen theme park. The ride features 4 vehicles, each capable of carrying 8 passengers. Vehicles are shaped like pick-up trucks, which appear in the cartoon series. The ride was produced in co-operation with Sela, the entertainment company behind BLVD RUH City.

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The ride vehicles © Simworx