Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden announces opening day for Drachen Magic dark ride

Drachen Magic drawing dragons merlin
Visual for Drachen Magic (© Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden)

Last summer, local German theme park Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden announced the construction of their first dark ride. The attraction, which will be called ‘Drachen Magic’ (Dragon Magic), is set to take guests to a fairytale world filled with dragons. The park has recently announced that the new ride will be officially opened during the coming winter season.

Last winter marked the first winter-time opening in the 50-year history of Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden. In this second year of seasonal festivities, the winter opening hours will be extra special, as the new dark ride Drachen Magic is due to open to visitors for the first time from 3 December.

In Drachen Magic, riders will take their places on a magical sofa that leads them into an old barn. Rumour has it that this is the barn where the wizard Fabulus once lived, and riders will discover whether his presence still leaves its traces throughout the building.

Drachen Magic
Technical leader Jonas Rauber with a ride vehicle (© Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden on YouTube)

In a backstage video released by the park last summer, they showed the ride vehicles of Drachen Magic. These are Mystic Mover vehicles by ETF Ride Systems, which are re-used from the former Film-Musik-Fahrt in Bavaria Filmstadt. ETF has confirmed to have worked together with the park to install the ride system on the new location. Drachen Magic will also make use of an old barn, which was previously used as storage location for the park.

Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden is a local theme park in the town of Verden, in northern Germany. As many German parks, it was originally a fairytale forest which opened in 1971. The park was rebranded as Magic Park from 2002, creating a local theme park revolving around fairytales. From 2019, the park is named Ritter Rost – Magic Park Verden, relating to a series of children’s fantasy books also by the name of Ritter Rost.