New for Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden: Drachen Magic

Drachen Magic
Technical leader Jonas Rauber with a ride vehicle (© Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden on YouTube)

Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden (Verden, Germany) has announced the addition of a new dark ride. The park showed off the ride vehicles in a video on their YouTube channel. The new ride will be called ‘Drachen Magic’ (Dragon Magic).

Earlier this year, Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden started a new YouTube series called ‘Magic Updates‘, that shows viewers a combination of operations of the park and updates on new additions to the park. Park manager Bastian Lampe teased the new ride and showed the ride vehicles in the first video of the series (21 April).

In the second video (14 July), the park showed more of the ride system of the new dark ride called ‘Drachen Magic’. Technical employee Jonas Rauber shows workings of the vehicles that were manufactured by ETF Ride Systems. These vehicles appear to come from the former Film-Musik-Fahrt in Bavaria Filmstadt. It is not known when that ride was closed.

Ride vehicles of Film-Musik-Fahrt (© Dark Ride Database)

According to Themepark Central, the dark ride will be located inside a barn that used to be a storage location for the park. Drachen Magic was originally announced to open in 2022, without an exact date. With the season halfway finished, it seems not likely that the park will open the new ride this year.

Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden is a small amusement park that caters mostly to families with young children. The park has a fairy tale-theme and was rebranded to Ritter Rost in 2019. Ritter Rost is a series of children’s fantasy books.