Madurodam is adding new ride in 2020

20200204 Madurodam
Concept art by Madurodam

The Dutch theme park Madurodam, consisting of a miniature village depicting famous Dutch buildings, announced a new ride: “The Flying Dutchman”. This ride will take its passengers on a flight experience inside a real plane. The park invests 3,5 million euros in the ride, which makes it the largest ride investment in the park so far.

In 2018, Madurodam transported a Douglas DC-3 plane (18 meters long, 30 meters wide) to the Netherlands in order to convert it into a new ride for the park. Over the last one and a half years, the plane has been renovated en transformed to host the ride. At the moment, the show techniques are being added to the plane. It is not known for certain whether this ride will count as show ride on Darkridedatabase, but we will keep you posted.

The ride is made in honor of the Dutch Royal Airline KLM, which celebrates its 100th birthday in 2020. During the ride passengers will travel through space and time. According to the park, the ride experience goes beyond flying and is meant to celebrate the pioneering spirit of the Dutch people. “We hope that The Flying Dutchman will be a great source of inspiration for our visitors.”

20200204 Madurodam2
Concept art by Madurdam

The Flying Dutchman is built right next to the scale model of Schiphol Airport. It is the sixth attraction in Madurodam, which started expanding its experience beyond the scale models in 2014. The new ride is expected to open in June or July.

UPDATE 19-07-2020: Madurodam unexpectedly opened this ride on the 11th of July. It turns out that the ride does not contain movement in seats or cabin and thus does not qualify for an entry in the database. We will not be reporting any further on this ride.