Lost Island Theme Park and Sally Dark Rides present Volkanu

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Artwork for the new ride (© Sally Dark Rides)

In 2022, the Lost Island water park in Waterloo, IA, is expanding by opening a brand new theme park: Lost Island Theme Park. The park already announced some of their roller coasters, but one of the rides under construction remained a secret so far. Today, Lost Island Theme Park and Sally Dark Rides unveiled the plans for the dark ride ‘Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol’ at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

Lost Island Theme Park is developed by the Bertch family, who already owns the Lost Island Waterpark across the road. The masterplan is designed by BDR Design Group. The park features five realms, themed after the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire) and a fifth spirit realm. Volkanu is located in the fire realm, called Mura Fire Clan. The ride is housed a large volcano which can be found right next to the park entrance. The storytelling of the ride intertwines with Lost Island’s mythical island theme, showcasing the element of fire in tremendous grandeur. The new attraction features multi-level gameplay technology that has something for everyone. Riders will experience a four-minute showtime full of interactive 3D imagery, dynamic scenery, animatronic figures and dazzling special effects. The ride is built by Sally Dark Rides with subcontractors being responsible for some elements of the ride, such as the ride system by ETF Ride Systems.

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Impression of the ride exterior © BDR Design Group

“The new theme park builds on the magic we created with our waterpark for an all-new, immersive experience,” said Eric Bertch, owner of Lost Island Waterpark. “With rides like Volkanu and many more to come, we can’t wait to see the excitement on families’ faces on opening day.”

The ride is inspired by the great god of fire Volkanu – a legendary bestial being of molten rock living deep inside Lost Island.  The experience will take riders on a thrill-packed adventure to locate the sacred Ora-Tika statue, responsible for keeping Volkanu dormant, and return it to the altar to restore peace to the island. Guests will be equipped with a powerful Thermal Blaster as they battle with the minions of Volkanu and head to the Temple of Fire to return the statue to its altar.

“At Sally, we strive to create immersive, engaging experiences for families. That’s what made our partnership with Lost Island Theme Park a perfect fit,” says John Wood, CEO/Chairman of Sally Dark Rides. “There’s incredible thematic storytelling in this park. It’s truly going to transport families into a magical land. We’re focusing on every detail of Volkanu to bring that story to life for guests to enjoy for years to come.”

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Groundbreaking ceremony for Lost Island Theme Park © Lost Island Theme Park
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Image of the ride vehicle © Sally Dark Rides