Who has not dreamt of flying through a fairytale landcsape? With our suspended ride system, guests truly fly through the space and are able to see the dark ride scene, or even your entire park, from the air!

A Classic Dark Ride Design

A dark ride is an indoor experience in which guests board a guided ride vehicle and are taken on an immersive story driven experience by traveling through different scenes. We are storytellers and dark rides are the ultimate way to do so, incorporating a perfect and careful choreography of elaborate decor sets, sound, lighting, animatronics, special & visual effects and music. Through this combination you will plunge your guests into an unforgettable memory.

Additional info

Suspended ride systems Technical Data

Typ. vehicle distance 50 - 350 m
Track type No track, wire guided
Application Indoor / outdoor
Typical no. of vehicles 2 - 40 vehicles
Vehicle capacity 2 - 5 persons
Ride capacity per hour 480 - 960 people
Maximum speed 0.8 m/s
Minimum horizontal curve 1.3 m
Power system On board battery system
Operation time max. 14 hours/day

Thea Outstanding Achievement (2004)

IAAPA Best Major Ride (2003)

Looper Award Best Dark Ride in Europe (2003)

UITP Best Family Dark Ride in Europe (2003)