Liseberg gives sneak peak of Underlandet

05. Underlandet
Vehicle of Underlandet. Picture by Liseberg

Liseberg was planning on opening their new dark ride Underlandet this year. Unfortunatly due to Covid-19 the park couldn’t open at all this season. The ride however was completed earlier this year, but not much information has been released so far.

Earlier this week Liseberg posted a video of their new darkride Underlandet. In the new video Liseberg shows off their new virtual queue system as well as the ride’s queueline. The park themed the indoor queue after a house. During a walk through the house the visitors encounter an elevator which brings them down to the basement. It is unclear if the elevator is real or just an show element as seen in multiple other dark rides.

Quarry Fold Studio designed the ride and Gosetto manufactured the ride system. The ride is constructed in an old building in the park with a retheming for the facade. We spoke about the ride and it’s design in an interview with Gosetto ealier this summer.

The re-opening of Liseberg and the opening of Underlandet in 2021 is still depending on the Covid-19 situation in Sweden.