Legoland Korea will officially open on 5 May

Legoland Korea
Commemorative ceremony for the completion Legoland Korea (© Merlin Entertainments)

Merlin Entertainments is rapidly expanding their line-up of Legoland Resorts. Their desire for growth in Asia has resulted in the development of 4 projects across the continent, in addition to the 3 resorts already present. The first of which to open is Legoland Korea (Chuncheon – South-Korea). According to The Korea Times guests can experience the park in soft-opening starting from 1 April. The official opening is set to follow on 5 May, which coincides with the national Children’s Day.

Of the 7 themed areas and over 40 rides offered at Legoland Korea, 3 are (semi-) dark rides and thus will be featured on DRdb. All of these are copies of existing rides at other parks. Ninjago The Ride will mark the 8th installation of this unique interactive shooter. The 2016 original pioneered the use of gesture recognition. Also the next incarnation of the famous Dragon will be featured, a semi-dark ride which takes guests past medieval scenes inside a castle, followed by a roller coaster ride.

Last but not least, the up until now exclusive to New York Lego Factory Adventure Ride also found its way to Legoland Korea. On this trackless ride, guests join Professor Brick on a tour through the LEGO Factory and to top if off will come face-to-face with their very own LEGO doppelganger.

Lego Factory Adventure Ride at Legoland New York (© Ryan Painter)

The other Legolands coming up in Asia are Legoland Shanghai (Shanghai, China), Legoland Chengdu (Sichuan, China) and Legoland Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China). This last one is said to become the world’s largest Legoland resort, spanning 58 hectares and featuring 3 hotels and a water park. The trio of parks is supposed to open sometime in or before 2024.