Madhouse coming to Legoland California in 2023

Madhouse at Legoland Windsor
Haunted House Monster Party at Legoland Windsor (© Heartline Coaster)

Legoland California will be opening a new spooky attraction in 2023. The park in Carlsbad, CA is adding a Vekoma Madhouse to its attraction line-up. The brand new show ride receives a haunted house theme, much comparable to Haunted House Monster Party in Legoland Windsor (U.K.). This is the second installation of a madhouse in a Legoland park, and also the second installation of Vekoma’s “madhouse 2.0”.

According to on Twitter, the park has filed for a permit to construct a new building for the ride on a plot of land that is currently in use by the Driving School. This existing attarction will not be entirely removed, but its track will be shortened to clear space for the planned expansion. With one pre-show and a capacity of 76 riders at a time, the new madhouse is similar to the installation in Legoland Windsor. That ride uses a story in which Lord Vampyre invites visitors into his spooky mansion. Though spooky, the ride has a family-friendly atmosphere, partly achieved by its decorations which seem to be made out of Lego.

Haunted House Monster Party opened in 2019 in Legoland Windsor and is the first in a line of new generation of Madhouses by Vekoma. According to Peter van Bilsen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the company, the ”Madhouse 2.0” features new possibilities for theming. Along with that, the new generation offers modern possibilities for projections and show control, and more energy-efficient engines.

Haunted House Monster Party at Legoland Windsor (© Heartline Coaster)