Kunibert’s Abenteuer: New interactive dark ride in Klotten

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July 10th 2020 marks the opening of Kunibert’s Abenteuer, the new interactive dark ride of Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten. The ride, built by Dutch company Lagotronics Projects, is the first ride of the park to be listed on the Dark Ride Database. Today, we are present at the opening day of the ride.

The ride actually has a long history of development. The park opened a rollercoaster called Heiße Fahrt in 2004. During the construction of the ride, Klotten build a structure that was supposed to become a volcano. The structure was never finished. In 2012, Klotten opened a water ride on top of the structure: Zum Rittersturz. During the construction of the ride, concept arts showed the structure turned into a castle. The structure however remained the same until for the following years.

The unfinished structure before the construction of Zum Rittersturz

Lagotronics Projects announced in late 2019 that they were working on a new dark ride for the park, to be located in the unfinished structure. The dark ride would be an interactive ride called Kunibert’s Abenteuer, based on the tale of knight Kunibert. In the Tale, Kunibert was sent on a very dangerous quest by his mother to show that he is just as fearless as his ancestors. He could only return to the castle if he accomplished every dangerous task of his mission. Meanwhile in the castle, all 64 ghosts of his ancestors are preparing a feast for his return.

Kuniberts Abenteuer plan
Overview of the ride. Image by Lagotronics Projects / Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten

During the ride, you will take a tour around the castle, where you need to light all the candles with your special match. The ride passes through 7 scenes and you’ll need to work together to light all of the candles. If you succeed, you will be awarded during the final scene of the ride: the feast!

The ride is one of the first ride to be completely designed by Lagotronics Projects. It features a ride system made by ART Engineering. Kunibert’s Abenteuer was supposed to open in April, but was delayed probably due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe.

Take a look at our photo report and small sneak peak POV below


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The ride’s sign

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The entrance into the castle

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 10 at 11.30.59
The ride’s station

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