New Katmandu Park Punta Cana opening soon with dark and show rides

Artwork for Legend of the Desirata at Katmandu Park Punta Cana (© Falcon's Creative Group)
Artwork for Legend of the Desirata at Katmandu Park Punta Cana (© Falcon’s Creative Group)

Theme Park-design company Falcon’s Creative Group has branched off into creating their own theme park. Partnering up with both Katmandu Group and Meliá Hotel International, the three will develop a new $350 million holiday resort in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). Part of this resort will be the new Katmandu Park Punta Cana entertainment complex, which will contain two show rides and an immersive dark ride. The park is scheduled to open soon.

Falcon’s Creative Group is known for designing everything ranging from single attractions to complete theme parks. After partnering up with the Katmandu Group, an Orlando-based company that operates the Katmandu Park on the island of Mallorca (Spain), the companies looked into branching out the Katmandu-concept.

Falcon’s Creative Group founded a new subsidairy, Falcon’s Beyond Global, which partnered up in a joint-venture with Meliá Hotels International to create Falcon’s Resort Punta Cana. This resort will consist of a hotel resort, water park and Katmandu Park Punta Cana, an entertainment complex with several attractions and activities.

Katmandu Park was originally scheduled to open in 2021. The project got postponed multiple times but is now scheduled to open early this year. The park, which cost $100 million, was designed by Falcon’s Creative Group. Some of the attractions take cues of the design of the original Katmandu Park in Mallorca. The park will feature activities such as miniature golf, indoor play area and a climbing course, as well as three database-notable rides.

Katmandu Park Punta Cana
Dave Mauck and Cecil D. Magpuri of Falcon’s Beyond Global inside an Oceaneering-ride vehicle (© Falcon’s Creative Group)

Legend of the Desirata is an immersive 4D dark ride, that will take riders on a journey along explorer Kilgore Goode into the Himalayas. Guests of the attraction will come face to face with the mythical Yeti and Desirata creatures. The story was adapted from ‘The House‘, a walkthrough-attraction in the original park. Legend of the Desirata features a motion-based car ride system by Oceaneering Entertainment Systems.

Visitors of Challenge of the Mad Mage will go on an interactive journey between Chess-bots that are going on a rampage. Challange of the Mad Mage is an interactive theatre, the first of Falcon’s Creative Group’s own version: On!x Theater.

Challenge of the Mad Mage
Artwork for Challenge of the Mad Mage (© Falcon’s Creative Group)

In a new spin on flying theatres, riders will be submerged into the ocean in Voyage of the Fathom Wanderer. Riders will join Kilgore Goode once again on a journey to great depths to encounter fantastical creatures and to defend the Caverns of Life. The ride system of this ‘Suspended Theater’ by Falcon’s Creative Group is again manufactured by Oceaneering.

Voyage of the Fathom Wanderer
Artwork for Voyage to the Fathom Wanderer (© Falcon’s Creative Group)

Falcon’s Beyond Destination Punta Cana and Katmandu Park will be located near Punta Cana on the east coast of the Dominican Republic on a roughly 2.5 hour drive of the Dominican capital Santa Domingo. The three attractions above will be the first database entries in this country. A third Katmandu Park is being planned on the island of Tenerif, Spain.